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It’s a personal journey about the “Battleground of life” through the authors eyes, as he struggles with the loss of his parents from this global disease. This book provides uplift, enlightenment, and inspiration, and equips you with helpful tips to improve your mental and physical well-being in navigating a healthy lifestyle. Battleground cancer will encourage you to challenge your belief system, and possibly incorporate new consumption habits to change your life. It provides educational content, bringing awareness to eating your foods as medicine, versus taking your medication as food.

I enjoyed the simpicity of Jeff’s book as it connects us together with tips and guidance to healthier living. I admire the courage and testimony throughout his journey, especially the RRR recipe in Chapter five. Jeff provides solid “nuggets” to include in our daily living.

David Octavio Gandell- 2X Cancer Survivor, Inspirational Life Changer.

Jeffrey bares his soul in order to achieve spiritual and mental healing, and in the process invites his readers to engage in personal reflection. His story is the human story, and one which each of us shares. I have been honored to share a pastoral life with both him and his Mother.

The Rev. Richard L. Tolliver, PH.D

As a “Rainmaker” team member, I appreciate Jeff’s transparency about his family’s personal journey. He enhances one’s awareness of choosing healthier alternatives for improved vitality. Good educational and inspirational content that can assist those wanting a more vibrant healthier lifestyle.

Bill Walsh, America's Small Business Expert

Jeff is one of my personal branding client’s, and learning the story of his Family’s journey fighting cancer is quite educational and inspirational, not only to those struggling with illness, but anyone who wants to improve the quality of their life. If you want to be touched, moved, and inspired, Battleground cancer is a must read.

Rey Perez-#1 Global Branding Expert

Battleground Cancer

Managing your Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Well-being for the Fight

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